Companies must evolve their business models to avoid becoming disintermediated by customers who connect with each other, according to CareerOne CEO Karen Lawson. Speaking about collaborative consumption at last week’s Sunshine Coast Business Expo, Ms Lawson said this trend was becoming more prominent and would significantly change consumers’ spending and buying habits, as well as recruitment processes within businesses. Collaborative consumption – also known as the sharing economy – is where consumers are keen to rent, lend, swap, barter, gift and share products and services rather than...Read more
Article by Paul F Nunes and Larry Downes As business costs are driven ever lower, some companies are creating disruptive products that, right out of the gate, are simultaneously better and cheaper than existing products. The upshot? Success for those who play by the new rules of strategy and competition - and disaster for incumbents who can’t adapt fast enough. Nearly everything you think you know about strategy and innovation is wrong. The most recent round of improvements in information technologies has changed the game once again, driving down costs and prices over time. The challenge now...Read more