In news that will come as no surprise, slow internet speeds are hindering the Sunshine Coast's ability to do business. Poole Group director Greg Tuckwell said "woefully slow" connection speeds were one of his biggest challenges. "We do a lot in the cloud and we see the speeds are woeful, and it affects our productivity and the service we can deliver," Mr Tuckwell told the Sunshine Coast Daily while attending the launch of the Draft Digital Action Plan last week . "We have people working off site and it affects the speeds they can log in. There is infrastructure in place, but we need it sooner...Read more
Recreate Eureka Stockade by The Core The-Core has partnered with the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (MADE) to set up the MADECORE competition and are calling minecrafters to recreate the Eureka Stockade as part of the 160th anniversary. Competitors will build their stockades on a custom Minecraft server called MADECORE. The winning model will be the one that builds a fun, creative version of the Eureka Stockade. What does my entry get me? Your registration gives you access to the private MADECORE server throughout the duration of the competition as well as your own plot to build...Read more