Who will be successful this year? It could be someone you already know well. Can you help by nominating them! (Self-nominations are also encouraged.) Nominations for judges are also sought. See details below. Nominating a colleague or yourself Nominations close Monday 27 August for t he Pearcey State Entrepreneur Award aimed at encouraging and rewarding fresh and innovative talent in the ICT profession. It is awarded to an individual in mid-career, typically 25 to 45yo, who has "taken a risk, made a difference and is an inspiration" within the ICT industry in their state. The state winner...Read more
SCRIPT Milestones #SCRIPT is a collaboration of local entrepreneurs, businesses, government stakeholders and community members dedicated to growing innovation and business capacity on the coast. Sunshine Coast has a strong innovation ecosystem and this funding allows for greater networking and enables more entrepreneurial activity, resulting in more jobs and a boosted economy. Our vision is to fuel the culture of innovation on the Sunshine Coast Our purpose is to invest in innovative programs that make a difference to our community. In the past 9 months SCRIPT has: Coordinated a strong #...Read more