Innovation is heating up on the Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast Regional Innovation Program (SCRIPT) releases 2018 Annual Stakeholder Report SCRIPT – a government and community-sponsored initiative to promote innovation - invested in six new Sunshine Coast projects in its first year, creating job opportunities and helping local entrepreneurs turn their ideas into commercial realities. The organisation’s Annual Stakeholder Report 2018, released to coincide with SCRIPT’s first anniversary, highlights the important role it plays in growing innovation, business capacity and employment across the...Read more
Wisdom of wild places inspires entrepreneurs It’s dusk in tropical Wujal Wujal; twilight is a gold blip on the horizon and one of the 12 young entrepreneurs ‘roughing it’ for a week pulls out another ‘dab’ move to the uproar of her dusty companions. It’s day five on the seven day ‘no technology’ wilderness expedition in Far North Queensland designed to build the mental stamina, personal qualities and physical resilience that are the hallmarks of all successful entrepreneurs. The 12 city slickers of varying fitness levels just spent three days mountain biking the legendary 71km CREB Track just...Read more