Entrepreneur in the Region (EiR)


Sunshine Coast Entrepreneur in the Region

A serial entrepreneur, cloud computing pioneer, and media tech veteran, Leigh has founded ten ventures over the last 30 years and had a number of successful exits. Over his career, he’s raised more than $100 million in funding and overseen two successful IPOs on the Australian stock exchange. 

His current passion is the future of media and changing the landscape of entrepreneurial & technology education. Leigh’s latest company, BeachCity Media, is on a mission to reimagine how we develop innovation and entrepreneurial capability across the globe.

A charismatic social media presenter and speaker, Leigh’s experience brings insight and nuance to his work as an interviewer or panel moderator. In addition to his role as CEO of BeachCity Media, Leigh is an engaged mentor, advising a portfolio of early-stage ventures on their commercialization strategies.

Leigh Kelson