THREE experienced specialists ONE incredible case study CREATIVE collaboration MAJOR announcement! Build confidence in yourself and learn how to grow your business or idea. Expect to be out of your seat, talking with others and participating! Breakfast in a bag included - with all the caffeine you need. This project was made possible with funding from the Sunshine Coast Regional Innovation Program (#SCRIPT) and in collaboration with TAFE Queensland. You will discover how to: speak clearly , concisely and compellingly partner with others so that you can work more impactfully promote yourself...Read more
Who will be successful this year? It could be someone you already know well. Can you help by nominating them! (Self-nominations are also encouraged.) Nominations for judges are also sought. See details below. Nominating a colleague or yourself Nominations close Monday 27 August for t he Pearcey State Entrepreneur Award aimed at encouraging and rewarding fresh and innovative talent in the ICT profession. It is awarded to an individual in mid-career, typically 25 to 45yo, who has "taken a risk, made a difference and is an inspiration" within the ICT industry in their state. The state winner...Read more
Sunshine Coast Entrepreneurs Shine at Myriad Festival Sixteen Sunshine Coast entrepreneurs and startups were selected to represent the region at Myriad Festival last week, one of the world’s most influential innovation and entrepreneurship conferences, bringing people from all over the globe to Brisbane. The Sunshine Coast Regional Innovation Program (#SCRIPT) and Advance Queensland funded the delegation as part of the Advancing Regional Innovation Program . Sunshine Coast was the first region in Queensland to secure this funding in May 2017, giving it an injection which aims to fuel the...Read more
Registrations are open for Term 2 at the below locations. We hope to see all Ninjas and Mentors again. UNIVERSITY OF THE SUNSHINE COAST NOOSA REGISTRATIONS o what IS Coder Dojo? Coder Dojo is a global movement of free, volunteer-led, community based coding clubs for young people between the ages of 7 and 17. Here at CoderDojo we learn how to code, develop websites, apps, games and explore technology in an...Read more
Who forms part of the Sunshine Coast Entrepreneurial Ecosystem? How would Sunshine Coast entrepreneurs like to be supported? You've seen the Sunshine Coast Entrepreneurial Ecosystems map where you can learn about current support programs, meetups and events across the Sunshine Coast. Now read the research report, released in January 2018, by researchers from the University of the Sunshine Coast. Focused on getting a better understanding about the different types of entrepreneurs on the Sunshine Coast, and how the community can better support them, the research report uncovers a range of...Read more
REGISTRATIONS FOR TERM 1 Registrations are open for Term 1 at the below locations. We hope to see all Ninjas and Mentors again. UNIVERSITY OF THE SUNSHINE COAST NOOSA REGISTRATIONS Opening soon Any questions please shoot them through to : or contact us on our Facebook page more
REGISTRATIONS FOR TERM 4 Registrations are open for Term 4 at the below locations. We hope to see all Ninjas and Mentors again. UNIVERSITY OF THE SUNSHINE COAST NOOSA REGISTRATIONS COOROY REGISTRATIONS MALENY REGISTRATIONS more
Future-proof yourself Get started with the basics of coding using a range of applications to develop coding and programming skills. Students will begin by looking to understand coding principles with a focus on Javascript. This course is designed for students looking to develop entry level skills in coding or existing employees looking to enhance their role with coding skills. Skill Shortage : It’s estimated that by 2025 there will be a significant lack of qualified Coders and Programmers, with employment projected to grow much faster than in other sectors. Employment Growth : From now until...Read more
REGISTER NOW for GovHack 2017! The national competition for innovators, community members, developers, designers & business people. Create new products and services and collaborate to share in cash prizes for using local data. All Welcome! Tickets are FREE! Starts Friday 28th July at 6pm! Find out more more
A series of five videos are a part of a free online boot camp containing resources to help founders refine their ideas, and develop their start-up. After startup founders have worked through this boot camp series, they will have refined their startup concept, have a more structured approach to working on their startup idea, be informed on their options, and even be ready to prepare an application for an incubator program. The boot camp video series cover topics including Business Models, Lean Startup Principles, Marketing Startups, Intellectual Property & Intellectual Capital, and...Read more