CyberInnovation Series - 18 May


Lift the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) associated with cyber security, act on some priorities, and protect your organisation's growth.

Understand cyber security as a business and people problem, where much of the issue is behavioural and much of the opportunity is in innovation and collaboration. From a governance and strategic perspective, cyber security is about having the right questions to ask. 

The project is being led by international cyber security and innovation strategist Dr Sally Ernst, who has developed business innovation knowledge over the past 18 years, through her world-wide research and first hand experience in businesses and on boards across the UK and Asia Pacific.

Mel Messina also brings to the ‘on road’ team a director perspective in a struggling Australian business environment to which the community can relate. Having been through the successful and the not so successful aspects of business life, he asks questions that make sense to business people and are in a language owners can understand.

CyberInnovation Briefing

Understand how cyber security is a growth opportunity and what can be done about the challenges it presents. Takeaways include a CyberInnovation education online module, CyberInnovation templates, and Cyber Security checklists.

Date: Monday 18 May 2015

Time: 10am (45mins + Q&A) 

Venue: Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast


CyberInnovation Workshop

Have the practical steps to contextualise the takeaways of the briefing, also included in this workshop, on filling gaps in the checklist items, and priorities.

Date: Monday 18 May 2015

Time: 10am-12pm

Venue: Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast


The CyberInnovation Series is an Australian Cyber Security Network on-the-road, community initiative across QLD to raise awareness that, in an age where we need to assume breach, cyber security is a business problem and an opportunity for innovation.

For more information visit the Australian Cyber Security Network website.