Former NBN Critic becomes a happy convert


A SOMERTON resident who was initially opposed to the NBN fixed wireless service now says he vastly underestimated its capabilities.  
Lindsay Doyle operates his quantity surveying and building consultancy business out of a home-based office. 
He switched to the NBN service after speaking to a number of advocates who convinced him to upgrade. 
“I spoke to some friends who have been using the NBN and they all said how great it was,” Mr Doyle said. 
“Initially I thought it was a wicked waste of money ... and I just didn’t understand it. Now that I’ve got it on, it’s just made life so much easier.” 
Mr Doyle said he believed those, including himself, who were initially against the NBN fixed wireless rollout passed judgement too soon. 
He said a lack of knowledge may have played a part in helping to form a negative opinion. 
“I for one wasn’t aware of its capabilities,” Mr Doyle said. 
“I was speaking to a guy who also operates a home-based business in the area and he said he wasn’t initially aware of the benefits the NBN network could provide. 
“It was new and I think we were all sceptics of it at first. 
“It’s so much more reliable. We were on a wireless mobile network before which used to drop out. I only switched over last week and it’s really made a huge difference.” 

Source - with thanks to the Northern Dailey Reader - Jacqueline Latimer Oct. 17, 2012