Nominations OPEN for 2018 Queensland Pearcey Entrepreneur Award


Who will be successful this year? It could be someone you already know well. Can you help by nominating them! (Self-nominations are also encouraged.)  Nominations for judges are also sought. See details below. 

Nominating a colleague or yourself

Nominations close Monday 27 August for  the Pearcey State Entrepreneur Award aimed at encouraging and rewarding fresh and innovative talent in the ICT profession.

It is awarded to an individual in mid-career, typically 25 to 45yo, who has "taken a risk, made a difference and is an inspiration" within the ICT industry in their state.

The state winner will be announced at the Queensland Gala Dinner, Wednesday October 10. A most prestigious audience.

The winner then represents Queensland at the Reimagination Thought Leaders Summit in Melbourne Thursday 1 November. So very high profile.

There are typically ten nominees each year. Last year’s winner was Jenine Beekhuyzen. Past winners have included David Barbagallo, Aaron Birkby, Adrian di Marco, Paul Gampe, Janine Garrett, Wayne Gerard, Neil Glentworth, Tammy Halter, Brett Hooker, Andrew Jessett, Raeleen Kaesehagen, Kon Kakanis, Bevan Slattery and Peter Ward.

You (or the nominee) should prepare a simple document (basically a CV) but with sections explicitly covering the four key criteria listed below plus a LinkedIn URL.

It should include contact details (name, email address and phone number).

It should be emailed to the national secretariat at  and copy

Be aware, nominees will be asked if they want acknowledgment at the dinner. A nomination is for this year only, but candidates are encouraged to nominate in succeeding years if they wish.

Again nominations close Monday, 27 August with no extensions.


Selection criteria

The selection criteria are as follows:

Innovative and pioneering achievement and contribution to the development of the information technology industry in Queensland, early in his or her career, typically 25 – 45yo.

The key considerations for the Queensland Pearcey Award selection, are:

1.       a contribution which is above and beyond what could be considered appropriate to the job functions performed,

2.       a contribution which has included some elements of research, industry, and professional development,

3.       a contribution characterised by confidence and a willingness to make sacrifices to achieve the desired results, and

4.       an individual able to be an ICT industry ambassador and hence provide a role model to young people.

Candidates do not need to have been born in Queensland, nor do they need to be residents now. But they will be expected to have made a major contribution to the Queensland ICT industry as set out above.

Pearcey Foundation

The Pearcey Foundation aims to make Australians proudly aware of the achievements of Australia's Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industries and of the work of the many Australians, young and old, who have made those achievements possible.

Appropriately, the Foundation is named after Dr Trevor Pearcey, who lead the project team that built CSIRAC 1947 to 1949. It is now the oldest surviving computer in the world and on display in the Melbourne Museum. A foundation has been established in his name, which makes awards to outstanding individuals in our industry.

Nominating a judge

Nominations for judges are sought. Judges include previous state winners, a representative of the state government, long-term supporters of our industry and last year, nominees from ACS, AIIA and WiT.

We’d be delighted if you could assist this year. The work is not onerous. The people being reviewed are likely to be well known. The judges are provided with a formal nomination document for each person and asked to score against simple criteria.

Key deadlines for judges are:

  *   Association nominates a judge by Friday 24 August by emailing their contact details to copy

  *   Judges will receive nomination papers on Friday 7 September

  *   Judges to return their assessments by Monday 24 September, 17 days later (and three weekends).

  *   If the winner is clear, end of story. If two or more are close, a telecom will occur a week later on Tuesday 2 October to make the final decision.

Judging is done using a simple s/s returned to Martin Lack copy Judges do not have to score all the candidates nor all the criteria. The s/s model allows for that.

Judging is strictly confidential. Independent references will be sought by the Pearcey Foundation to confirm the integrity of the winner.


Since inception in 1998, the national Pearcey Medal has been awarded to five Queenslanders: Professor Bill Caelli, David Merson, John Grant, Mal Bryce and Steve Baxter. Plus Professor John O'Callaghan, Lyndsey Cattermole, Mal Bryce AO, Professor Mike Miller AO, Mary O'Kane AC Roger Allen, Tony Benson and Trevor Robinson AM.