Sunshine Coast Regional Innovation Program #SCRIPT

Sunshine Coast Council, Noosa Council and Regional Development Australia Sunshine Coast, along with their project partners have been awarded Advance Queensland Regional Innovation funding.  The funding was collectively matched by a number of organisations providing over $1 million over 3 years to develop innovation and entrepreneurial activities across the Sunshine Coast region. 

About the program

Our vision is to fuel the culture of innovation on the Sunshine Coast

Our purpose is to invest in innovative programs that make a difference to our community 

The Sunshine Coast Regional Innovation Program

#SCRIPT is a collaboration of local entrepreneurs, businesses, government stakeholders and community members dedicated to growing innovation and business capacity on the coast.  Sunshine Coast has a strong innovation ecosystem and this funding allows for greater networking and enables more entrepreneurial activity, resulting in more jobs and a boosted economy.

To bring about these outcomes, activities and resources are aligned to the following key priority areas:

  1. Smart Cities
  2. Food and Agribusiness
  3. Health and Wellbeing
  4. Sustainability and Environment; and
  5. Creative Industries

To help fuel innovation, SCRIPT invests in collaborative activities that build capacity in businesses, showcase excellence, incubate and accelerate new solutions and support entrepreneurs and innovators in turning their ideas into commercial reality. We support grassroot projects which help to connect, educate and inspire members of the Sunshine Coast community. SCRIPT is interested in investing in projects which (at the very least) are new and different and demonstrate:

  • Sunshine Coast Benefit
  • Validated Demand
  • Coinvestment & Collaboration
  • Longevity
  • Accountability

Do you have a project that sounds like a good fit? Here's the process to apply for investment:

  1. Discuss your project proposal with the Regional Innovation Coordinator:
  2. If your project aligns with SCRIPT objectives, you will receive the Project Application Form to complete and submit.
  3. Project Application Forms will be received and reviewed by the Regional Innovation Coordinator. If they appear to meet SCRIPT criteria, the application will be passed on to the Steering Committee for appraisal.
  4. Steering Committee meetings are typically held on the third Thursday of every month. Application forms and supporting documents need to be submitted to the RIC by the first Friday of the month, to be included in the monthly review.
  5. You may be invited to pitch your idea to the committee and afterwards, they may ask further questions to ensure the project fits SCRIPT investment criteria.
  6. The Steering Committee will then determine an outcome (approved/not approved at this stage/conditional).
  7. If approved, and once any conditions have been met, you will accept responsibility for the program and sign an investment agreement with SCRIPT.
  8. Following the delivery of your program, submit feedback and a report as part of the acquittals process, to a satisfactory standard, as deemed by the Steering Committee.

The success of SCRIPT projects and programs will be measured against clear economic outcomes, such as:

  • Job Creation
  • Talent Attraction
  • Company Migration
  • Improved Productivity
  • Growth in Sales/Exports
  • New Products, Services & Business Models
  • Increased Capital Investment
  • Furthered Connections
  • Supply Chain Linkages
  • New Partnerships
  • Educating & Informing Locals
  • Cross-Sector Innovation & Collaboration

To discuss your project proposal further contact


The regional innovation program will be governed by a Steering Committee comprising regional leaders with expertise in innovation, entrepreneurial activities and who also have an interest in the Sunshine Coast’s economic pillars including; Smart Cities, Food and Agriculture, Creative Industries, Health and Wellbeing, and Sustainability. The Steering Committee meet on a monthly basis, typically the third Thursday of every month. 

The SCRIPT initiative was developed through extensive consultation with the community and business sector: A public community contribution document, 2 workshops of 40 people each, over 30 interviews with community innovation members and leaders, over 900 emails including correspondence, scheduling, and agenda setting, over 25 bi-weekly calls, over 5 stakeholder meetings, and over a month of weekly webinars.

Steering Committee

The SCRIPT steering committee is a skill-based group of highly talented and awarded business people: Elaine Jobson, CEO of Jetts Fitness Group, Feda Adra, Ceo of Comlink, Mark Paddenburg, CEO of Innovation Centre, Michael Doneman, Chairman of the Old Ambulance Station, Michelle Hamer, CEO Smart Advice, Darrell Edwards, CEO of Regional Development Australia Sunshine Coast, Anthony Dow from Noosa Council and Anne Lawrence of Sunshine Coast Council.

Regional Innovation Coordinator (RIC)

The Regional Innovation Coordinator is Ms Coby Sullivan. Coby understands the nuances of entrepreneurialism and innovation, having worked in New York City’s Varick Street Incubator as well as with some of Australia's most successful startups, such as The Urban List. She also brings a strong background in business development and stakeholder engagement, following leadership roles with Griffith University and Flight Centre Travel Group.

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Funding Partners

The funding was collectively matched by the organisations identified below: