For residents

Household adoption of broadband has been very strong in recent years. Searching the internet has become just one of a number of broadband services. 

The technologies available today range from desktops and netbooks to tablet computers and smart phones. Many households are also learning environments, places where business research and decisions are made, remote health monitoring. 

Very few Sunshine Coast homes today simply use their telephone line for just that purpose, In fact many home are just as likely to move from fixed copper infrastructure to wireless connectivity.

We are preparing a series of stories and information to present the way households use broadband as part of their life and will include uniquely Sunshine Coast examples as well. Read more about getting broadband.

New to the internet? Have a look at this handy government web site that covers off on internet basics, click HERE.

One Day On The Internet

Our daily life increasingly revolves around blog posts, emails, and status updates. The folks at mbaonline provide a snapshot of what happens in one day on the Internet. Take a look at the startling numbers here..