Robotics in education
Parents and educators are being encouraged to have their say on the future of coding and robotics education in Queensland schools. “We know that 50 per cent of future jobs will require high level digital skills and that’s why digital literacy – including coding and robotics – is a major focus of our Advancing Education plan,” Minister for Science and Innovation Leanne Enoch said. “We want Queensland students to have a competitive advantage when they compete for the jobs of tomorrow. “Increasingly, coding jobs will be required in all sectors of society including agriculture, health care,…Read more
Advance Queensland Innovation and Investment Summit
The Advance Queensland Innovation and Investment Summit in April 2016 will put a global spotlight on Queensland innovation. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the summit was needed to help make new local, national and international connections, which the government recognised as increasingly important in this time of rapid change. “We have the impacts of globalisation, digitisation and new technologies reshaping economies around the world. We need to collectively position Queensland to prosper in this era of rapid global change,” she said. Minister for Science and Innovation Leeanne Enoch…Read more
Advance Queensland navigator platform
The Advance Queensland navigator is an online engagement tool that offers Queensland entrepreneurs, start-up businesses and investors a platform for submitting and sharing their ideas, innovations, products and services. This is an opportunity for anyone with an original product, idea or business that contributes to Queensland to be a part of a dynamic and exciting network of innovators. Being a part of the Advance Queensland initiative and being featured on the navigator offers stakeholders the opportunity to be a part of a bigger network of successful Queensland innovators and entrepreneurs…Read more
Australian Smart Communities Association Summit 2016
Any community can work on becoming smarter now, says Dr Lutz Heuser, Chief Technology Officer at the Urban Software Institute and keynote speaker at the Australian Smart Communities Summit in March 2016. “The digital transformation of our society should not stop when it comes to community and management infrastructure. Governments and businesses must start thinking now about moving into digital relationships to grow economic prosperity in their communities,” he said. Dr Heuser’s message is not about investing more money, but investing smarter. “People already engage in digital transactions…Read more