There’s a fantastic new addition to the already thriving Sunshine Coast entrepreneurial ecosystem! Council has partnered with Spark Bureau to provide a community driven space where local youngsters will have the opportunity to explore the world of virtual and augmented reality and develop skills for future careers in the technology industry. Spark Bureau CEO Zach Johnson said virtual reality and live streaming had enormous potential for growth over the next 10 years. “The Sunshine Coast is a hub for innovation and digital entrepreneurship and here at Spark Bureau we are helping businesses tap…Read more
Local hackers have shared in $3000 of prizes from the 2016 GovHack competition which aims to uncover new digital products and services that can benefit the community. Digital geeks, entrepreneurs, creative technologists, and savvy creators came together over the weekend of July 29-31 for the event, held simultaneously in 9 locations across Australia and New Zealand, with the Sunshine Coast event being held at Spark Bureau. Councillor Brian Stockwell from Noosa Council presented the Sunshine Coast awards at the GovHack Queensland State Awards on Friday, 2 September 2020 in Brisbane. Sunshine…Read more