Digital Careers Australia

Digital Careers is a collaborative initiative of government, industry, research, primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions, focused on reducing the critical shortage of Australian ICT professionals by raising awareness and interest in ICT careers, and growing and diversifying the pool of tertiary students preparing for a career in the ICT industry. Digital Careers primarily focuses on secondary school students, parents, teachers and school-based career advisors. 

Student futures

Student futures provides online information to guide young people, students, schools, parents and the local community along the next steps into the workforce. It’s a central point of information for:

  • Key regional networks, partnerships and forums working on effective transitions for young people to employment and/or further education and training
  • Resources and support for career practitioners, vocational teachers and local businesses
  • Upcoming events and professional development activities for students, schools, community stakeholders and industry

The Work Experience and Apprenticeship Portal​

The Work Experience and Apprenticeship Portal helps businesses easily notify schools of job opportunities, work experience options and assistance such as mentoring and talking to groups of young people about your industry or occupation, as well as advertising employment opportunities.  

CareerMe app 

A free app for iPhone and iPad is now available to help young people plan career paths and find job opportunities. It provides up-to-date information allowing young people make tangible links from school to the world of work and highlights the industries where skills are most needed.

Believed to be the first career exploration app of its kind, CareerMe provides information about occupations in different industries, job descriptions, training and qualification requirements and job vacancies. The app, which has been developed from a young person’s perspective, is a simple way for young people and their parents to find the information needed to explore career opportunities.

The Department of Education, Training and Employment, The Smith Family, Regional Development Australia, Busy at Work and Group Training Australia worked together on the development of this app​. Download the free CareerMe app from the iTunes store.

ICT website

The I Choose Technology website provides information about the ICT industry, including the digital economy and National Broadband Network, career pathways and study options, profiles of current ICT professionals, as well as events.

Its aims are to: raise the profile of ICT as an attractive and diverse career path; increase enrolment numbers in the diverse range of ICT educational pathways; attract ICT graduates and skilled workers to Queensland; and improve the image and general perception of the ICT industry in Queensland. I Choose Technology is an initiative between the ICT industry, government and the education and training sectors.