Fixed wireless & satellite services

The NBN is being constructed across Australia using three different technologies. These are optic fibre (in urban areas), fixed wireless (mostly surrounding the urban areas) and satellite (for the rural and remote areas). For most of Sunshine Coast hinterland satellite and fixed wireless will be the two most common solutions.

What is fixed wireless technology?

NBN’s fixed wireless network, which uses advanced technology commonly referred to as LTE or 4G, is engineered to deliver services to a fixed number of premises within a coverage area. This means that the bandwidth per household is designed to be more consistent, even in peak times of use.

The network will use cellular technology to transmit radio signals to and from a small antenna fixed on the outside of a home or business, which is pointed directly towards the fixed wireless facility. NBN’s fixed wireless facilities operate at very low levels of radio frequency electromagnetic energy (EME). The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) has confirmed there are no established health effects from these very low-powered radio signals. More information is available from the ARPANSA website

“I for one wasn’t aware of its capabilities.” 

Consultation and town planning requirements

NBN Co works in consultation with local councils to determine an efficient and effective way to rollout the fixed wireless network. A key consideration is the design of the network, which takes a number of factors into account including population density, geography, radio frequency and other network specific considerations. Wherever possible NBN Co looks actively to use existing infrastructure when planning the fixed wireless network before proposing new structures.


Following the announcement and initial consultation phase, planning applications will be lodged with Council. If approved, the network will be progressively activated in 2014 and 2015.

What do users think?

A Somerton resident who was initially opposed to the NBN fixed wireless service now says he vastly underestimated its capabilities. Lindsay Doyle operates his quantity surveying and building consultancy business out of a home-based office. Mr Doyle said he believed those, including himself, who were initially against the NBN fixed wireless rollout passed judgement too soon. He said a lack of knowledge may have played a part in helping to form a negative opinion. “I for one wasn’t aware of its capabilities,” Mr Doyle said. Read more…

Interim NBN satellite services are here now

The NBN Co interim satellites became fully operational in November 2011. Sunshine Coast users of this service are very happy with the speed and ease of installation and the price. Over 60% of the Sunshine Coast land area (3% or more) of our population now have better broadband access than ever before.

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Active Satellite Service Providers

Activ8me – 1800 80 44 10 or
Ant – 1300 886 230 or
Harbour IT – 1300 366 169 or 
Bordernet – 1300 73 03 02 or
Reachnet – 1300 798 007 or
Clear Networks – 1300 855 215 or
SkyMesh – 1300 759 637 or