Free Wi-Fi trial

Free Wi-Fi has been available across the Sunshine Coast as part of a Sunshine Coast Council trial since December 2012, with the initial 12-month trial being extended for another 12 months.

In the first 15 months of the trial the Wi-Fi was used 500,000 times by around 90,000 different people.

Areas where free Wi-Fi is available have signs with blue and yellow writing on a sky background and say ‘Free Wi-Fi Sunshine Coast’. It is easy to log in – just follow the on-screen instructions. You will be directed to the terms and conditions and privacy statement.


The Sunshine Coast Council has partnered with local company Big Air Community Broadband to provide free Wi-Fi broadband. Big Air currently delivers a similar Wi-Fi service in more than 124 locations around Australia.


The free WiFi is available at 36 hotspots in 23 locations:

  • Sunshine Coast Council’s libraries and galleries
  • Sunshine Coast Council’s tourist parks at Coolum, Mooloolaba (2), Maroochydore, Cotton Tree and Mudjimba
  • Sunshine Coast Council courtyards at Caloundra and Nambour
  • Cotton Tree and Coolum business precinct open spaces
  • Mooloolaba Esplanade
  • Brightwater and Bells Reach in the main park areas.


Some of these locations already had free or paid Wi-Fi, however council’s service:

  • provides free all day access (24/7)
  • is unconditional
  • has potentially faster internet speeds
  • extends beyond buildings into courtyards, parks and public spaces.

Additional Wi-Fi hotspots are being added gradually. This is subject to success of the trial period.

Advertising on the service

The Sunshine Coast Council supported this trial as a ‘no cost to ratepayers’ project. The cost is covered by partner Big Air and the advertising component of the service. This works as follows:

  • Like many free internet services, such as YouTube, a short ad is shown at registration.
  • A banner or pop-up ad may appear during your session.
  • You may receive an email offer, which you can unsubscribe from.

You agree to receive these ads as part of the program’s terms and conditions, but they are controlled by the program’s privacy statement.

Invitation for businesses to register

Digital Sunshine Coast and Sunshine Coast Council invite businesses that offer a Wi-Fi service to register their location on our interactive map. Your business can attract more customers by registering, as it allows residents and visitors to quickly locate and access their nearest Wi-Fi service.

Complete the online registration form here.


Businesses are encouraged to provide feedback during the trial. Please complete the feedback form below and email to .  

The Sunshine Coast Council will evaluate the success of the trial at the end of 2014.