Go Digi: National Digital Literacy Project

GoDigi is a national program designed to help people across Australia realise their digital potential. This program is delivered in partnership by Australia Post and Infoxchange and focuses on the following audiences:

  • Ageing community members
  • Regional and remote communities
  • CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) communities
  • Indigenous communities
  • Small businesses

The Go Digi platform has 6 components to help people realise their online potential:

1. The Go Digi Network amplifies and accelerates the work that many organisations across Australia are already undertaking to improve online skills, including local government, libraries, neighbourhood houses and other not-for-profit organisations. 

2. The Go Digi Online Platform enables suitable community focused organisations to:

  • add their upcoming face-to-face learning events to the Go Digi online platform
  • access planning and resourcing materials for running a successful face-to-face learning events (called Pop Ups) 
  • search for other organisations in their area delivering on similar objectives

It also enables people to:

  • access easy to read learning materials to build their online skills and confidence
  • register as a learner to favourite guides and track their progress on guide quizzes (coming in early 2015)
  • find face-to-face learning opportunities near them
  • undertake online training in how to become a mentor to help friends and family (coming in mid-2015)

3. Go Digi Pop-Up Pack encourages registered network partners to take learning out of the classroom and into the community, such as a post-office, neighbourhood house, school, community gardens, a church or even a farmers market. 

4. Go Digi Mentoring Program will provide individuals with the opportunity to undertake online and face-to-face training to mentor their friends, colleagues, family or neighbours.

5. National Year of Digital Inclusion will bring together all the above components of the Go Digi program to build community spirit, highlight the benefits of increased digital inclusion and connect communities in both the physical and digital world. 

6. Digital Conversations are a series of talks in Australia’s capital and regional cities that aim to make digital inclusion and digital literacy part of the national conversation. 

For more details visit the Go Digi website.