We use broadband in so many aspects of our lives today. 

In business, at home or learning, the changes in technology and internet use over the last ten years have been rapid and significant.

To help navigate these changes we have divided the resources section of our website in to a FOR BUSINESS section and a FOR RESIDENTS section.

The construction of the NBN is taking Australia to a point where broadband is consistently available as a platform for a digital society. Even before the NBN is finished, we can begin to actively integrate it into all aspects of living learning and earning here on the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast businesses and residents can explore how best to using the digital infrastructure to improve your digital productivity, regardless of which industry sector you are in, we aim to provide useful information.

We will bring you a growing catalogue of personal stories to demonstrate how real people in your community are integrating digital solutions in their own lives. 

We understand that awareness and skills are the first steps towards the use of new digital technologies. We will also let you know about events and activities that are available for you to learn about new digital practices and opportunities as they arise.

If you have a story you would like to add or information that will add to this space, please contact us