Telecommunications in new developments

The Australian Government has released a policy for the provision of telecommunications in new developments.

The policy will make infrastructure delivery more efficient and innovative by helping network providers compete better. It does this by introducing charging by nbn to build infrastructure in new developments. Read more…

Across Australia, more than two million new development connections will be built by NBN Co at the same time as the national brownfields 10-year build of the network is completed. 

Here on the Sunshine Coast this means more than 80% of new developments will be candidates for the NBN. In this section we will outline what this means for developers, prospective residents and businesses and the technology and services available.

Already more than 20 developer locations are registered with NBN on the Sunshine Coast. Many of these locations are now live, with more to be switched on during 2014. Click here to find out where you can access the new developements currently live on the Sunshine Coast.

Please check with the developer that the stage you are looking to purchase in is part of their NBN Co agreed area. Some older areas have other arrangements in place that may not provide fibre to the premise. For a list Retail Service Providers on the Sunshine Coast click here. [link to NBN Co service providers on another page]

For prospective landowners

How do I know if a new estate that I am going to buy in will definitely have the NBN?

  • Developments with over 100 lots (vertical or horizontal) over three years are eligible for NBN services.
  • Developers still have a choice to work with Telstra or other licensed carriers if their development (vertical or horizontal) has approval for under 100 lots in three years.
  • Some smaller developers building adjacent to other larger, NBN sites have been able to successfully apply to NBN Co for inclusion in the local build.

For developers

Developers are welcome to add their information to the Digital Sunshine Coast database and map when they are formally NBN registered. How do you register?  

  1. Apply online
  2. Submit designs to NBN
  3. Transfer your pit and pipe
  4. Follow NBN building guidelines
  5. NBN ready

To kick-start this process visit the NBN Co website

Technology and services

The NBN New Development technology will be the same as NBN is building in other locations across Australia. The network design will provide each premise (business or residential) with dedicated fibre connections and access to a wide range or retailers (called Retail Service Providers). Many of the current Australian carriers or Internet Service Providers have become eligible NBN Retail Service providers.

The connection to your new building is free and you are strongly encouraged to ensure that you builder completes the underground ducting correctly. To take full advantage of the current and expected future service speeds, you may consider installing Cat6 Ethernet cabling. The cost of this can vary from only a few hundred dollars for simple cabling to most rooms through to higher costs for elaborate wring and associated technologies. It is  cheaper to put the cabling in at the outset. 

New development NBN home and business users will be able to add value to their connection beyond phone and broadband access. For example, health monitoring, energy management, home security and teleworking will be available on stable platform with options for services form multiple providers. Over the coming years, video on demand, internet based TV media phones and other technology advances will be more seamlessly available.

The national rollout of NBN fixed wireless is scheduled to be complete by mid-2015. That means that some time over the next two years, NBN will switch on services on the Sunshine Coast. If you can’t wait for that, let us know your thoughts and add your name to the list of people and locations that require NBN services as a priority through our contact us field.

As new sites become eligible for NBN or as they become active we will update the information on this page. If you have additional questions about new developments and NBN, please let us know. We want to be able to improve the information available here to suit your needs and your questions.